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The media crisis

Over the last couple of weeks I have been shocked and outraged by the mounting evidence of phone hacking, police mistakes and political cowardice. Each day I’ve thought it could get no worse, and then it has. Obviously until people … Continue reading

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Potter joy

Quite a lot of my blogs have been moans for one reason or another so its nice to write something positive. One of my first blog entries was on the lack of audiodescription at the Cinema during the first week … Continue reading

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Speaking in Tongues

Back by popular demand, well one demand counts as popular in my book. Ever feel like you must be speaking a foreign language because no one seems to be able to understand what your saying? Well, if so your in … Continue reading

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Its been a long time since I last wrote an entry here. What with Christmas, New Year, am I the only one that dislikes it and then a bad bout of flu, I’ve not really had time. So, this is … Continue reading

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The kindness of a man and his car

Well here goes with another travel related moan. Although its not holey a moan. I had to go out this morning. Mondays are my days for bereavement counselling at Mind in Croydon. So, I walked out the front door and … Continue reading

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Have finally seen it!

My cinema did show Harry Potter this week with audiodescription. I went with my mum and sister and enjoyed the film despite the lack of heating in the cinema and the fact I needed to go to the loo for … Continue reading

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What a surprise

Well there you go. Russia! We had a top bid and the final presentation was excellent. That’s not to say what I wrote earlier was any less true. But 2018 goes to Russia. So what happened? An untransparent ballot and … Continue reading

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