Potter joy

Quite a lot of my blogs have been moans for one reason or another so its nice to write something positive.

One of my first blog entries was on the lack of audiodescription at the Cinema during the first week after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part1 was released. Well as everyone is aware the second part of this movie was released last Friday and to my delight it was at my local cinema with audiodescription. My delight became joy unconfined when my mother paid for me to go and see it as a birthday present.

So, credit where it is due, the Vue Cinema in Croydon, Purley Way, made the right decision in putting audiodescription on this particular film.

And since we can’t have a hoely positive blog from me, I should say that all cinemas should have the capability to play all films with audiodescription, where the film has an audiodescribed track.

The film was great and I shall miss my semi annual visit to the cinema to get a Harry fix.

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