The final presentation

So, England’s bid for the FIFA World Cup in 2018 is now closed. We’ve had our final say and its now down to those 22 electors. I’m in favour of the bid, having the Word Cup here will be great for English football fans who haven’t had a World Cup in our country since 1966.

I must say though I’m not one of those people, like almost everyone who’ve been ringing into 5live who was deeply effected by the final presentation. Nauseated might be closer to the mark.

Yes much of what they said was good stuff that very few people would disagree with. Eddy was particularly inspiring and Beckham was moving.

But, I can’t forget that the organisation they, The Prime Minister and William Prince of Wales have been wooing is clearly mired in corruption. The recent BBC Panorama, articles in the newspapers and common talk amongst sports correspondence over many years suggest that money has consistently been put into people’s pockets rather than development projects.

The voting process is secret and opaque and the number involved encourage corruption. Sept Blatter has presided over this system for quite some time and to listen to our bid team talk about him in glowing terms left me completely non-plused.

And then to say and I quote “in our compact country transport is quick and easy” I hope I’ve got that right, given our current weather conditions had me howling with laughter. But that’s only a minor point, even here it won’t be snowing in June or July, or whenever the Word Cup would take place.

Will the final presentation make any difference? Who can say. Personally I doubt it. Minds have already been made up and they don’t like what our media has been saying about FIFA. And the media was perfectly right to say it.

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